Living the Lounge Life …


There is nothing more that I like to do then to drink some champagne and people watch am I not alone here …. You get to put your imagination into over drive and let it run wild about the people that are surrounding you … but imagine if you had the ability to do this with unlimited free flowing champagne for two hours each night and the people watching involved some very interesting people … well that has been me for the last two weeks as I have taken up residents at the Hyatt Club Lounge … ensuring each night when I am visiting that I find that table that is meant for a big group but because I want prime position for people watching I take it instead … I’m such a rebel lol … and like clock works the server will come over to me and ask me my room number and what I would like to drink as the flow of tonight’s guest make their way to the club lounge …

Well aren’t there some interesting characters tonight …. Let’s start with the young couple who obviously have never experienced a club lounge before and are knocking back the Crown Lagers (only because they didn’t have VB) and Rum and Coke like they are first year university students on cheap Thursday night drinks …. And there lack of knowledge is more obvious when I see them up at the canapes and Mr is asking where the real food is …. This is where my eye roiling is in fine form and I feel like saying to him obviously the Chinese Restaurant buffet banquet that he is used to for $10.99 isn’t on display tonight sorry mate you’ll have to just suck it up princess and enjoy the smoked salmon and dill sliders … thankfully due to the lack of real food they leave I was waiting for him to ask if he could have a roadie …..

Around the corner I can hear four very loud and what seems to be American Tourist who by the sounds of it have been drinking for the afternoon and are continuing their party in the club lounge … good thing I didn’t come here to have a massage with the noise that is coming from their neck of the lounge …. And as they are sweet talking the servers to ensure that their glasses are always full I now get to hear snippets of their conversations which is always amusing especially around intoxicated people … so as I get my glass refilled I do the most stupid thing and instead of having my resting bitch face on which by the way is the perfect face to have on in the club lounge because it means people won’t bother you and you look like you definitely belong in the club lounge …. But no I let down my guard and I smile politely to the elderly gentlemen as come on my mum did teach me to respect my elders but in this case this was my number one mistake in regards to this gentlemen …. Who took my politeness as an intend that I was possibly interested in him and with that I got the following response from him ….

“So how you doing” as he winks at me and smirks and nods his head at me …. Seriously did that elderly gentlemen just do that to me sorry last time I looked I could possibly be half his age and I’m no Ana Nicole Smith so he has got zero option with me …. Maybe I was just dreaming it all but no give him five minutes later and he is back this time with his wife and we are having a conversation in which I’m asked if I know what a F&&K Buddy is and did I want one …. No I’m fine thank you you and your wife can take your magic blue pill and please leave me alone …. And at the right cue my glass of champagne is refilled and I can try and drink away the memories of that conversation …

With this all going on I also do note that the service seems to be very slow tonight as I’m having to actually motion that I need my glass to be refilled whereas previous nights they know the drill by my server and let’s be honest my Server isn’t a super model but she obviously thinks that she is god’s gift to men as I start to notice that she is paying more attention to the men in the lounge maybe I should set her up with my elderly suitor …. And so as she starts to linger around the tables with men with her flash of her toothy smile I realise that my champagne supply is drying up along with my desire to not be sitting here and watching this poor server embarrasses herself more then she already has and so with that I make my way down to the reception and ensure that Miss Server’s attention to refilling my champagne glass and not the opposite sex is clearly recorded because guess what b&tch if you mess with my champagne supply what else do you expect especially when it is Champagne OClock time ….


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