It Must Be Champagne OClock Time …



So as Sunday afternoon approaches I look back onto my week that was and wow I’ve had some epic mum failures this week and funny enough no Champagne has been consumed maybe that is where I have gone wrong this week … I will say that each week that I don’t have an epic mum failure it surprises me … but let me fill you in on my week …

So I don’t know about you working mums but sometimes I feel guilty to be a working mum and especially a working mum that travels and with that travel I might miss school events and so what I do to not feel as guilty is I will offer to do out of school activities for the children … this week was one of those weeks with an epic fail on my part to begin with … so first of all I had totally forgotten that Mr 12 had his National Competition for School and it wasn’t till Tuesday morning that I realised that I hadn’t organised for him to get home from the competition … like hello he is 12 years old cant he find his own way home apparently not in the big smoke that would require child services to be brought in unlike my time as a 12 year old growing up in the country … #epicfailone

So as I rearranged my whole calendar to fit in with his because doesn’t every parent sacrifice their social life for their child’s … In a giving mood I also offered my driving abilities which as women we know we are so much better drivers then men to other mums that might appreciate not having to do the hour round trip and take away from their well-deserved Champagne O’clock time well this was my second epic fail as a mum this week …

Before I knew it I had gone from picking up my own child to now three and then this grew by Thursday morning to the epic Facebook messenger alerting me at 4.34 pm that afternoon that yet another mum was wondering if I too could pick up her son and bring him home that night … of course I’m going to say yes when secretly I was like are you f**king kidding me if you are all at home drinking tonight when I drop your sons home shit is going to hit the fan #epicfailytwo

So as I dropped off the last boy to his eagerly awaiting mum I asked Miss 9 if she had had dinner as she was with a friend and at 7.30 pm she informs me no so guess what Macdonald’s drive thru and 24 chicken nuggets later and a bottle of Church Block for me and we are home but there is my #epicfailthree

Now let fast forward to yesterday the day that Miss 9 had her birthday slumber party as we are setting up I realise a few things … I haven’t organised a birthday cake and I have no major present for her because I’ve been away for work over the last month and even though I want her father to step up to the plate that isn’t going to happen as let’s face it when was the last time a male was organised enough to organise a child’s birthday or birthday party … so as I place that call early on Saturday morning to her father I am met with the usual what do you mean aren’t you organising everything don’t I just need to show up … #killmeknow …. #epicfailfour

Then Miss 9 informs me that we need to go shopping for an outfit for her for the party and that we need Zara or Witchery #WTF #whathaveicreated #epicfailfive … so as we make our way to Chermside Miss 9 has her list that we need to have done and dusted in Olympic time of 30 mins and I already know that I’m going to be one of those pushy mums that yells at her and tells her to just find an outfit …

So 45 mins later we are on our way out of Chermside with Miss 9 nearly in tears because I made her run from one end of Chermside to the other and can I be honest it is 11.05 am and I was thinking shit Uncle Dan has Veuve in the fridge already cold I could just ask for a straw from the sushi place and my Saturday could all of a sudden be perfect again … but no we head home and start the prep for her party …

It is now 2.30 and I have all of Miss 9 friends piled into the car and Mr 12 in front with me as we make our way to Bounce which is really an expensive name for a trampoline place in which I have just paid $17 each child to jump on a trampoline for an hour only like seriously who comes up with these ideas … so as we make our way into the arena it is brought to my attention that my last epic fail of the week has just occurred … it would seem until you were under the age of 7 you were only a cool kid if you wore your sports shoes because guess what we can do the junior Park without them … hello sorry I didn’t read the small print … so now I have Mr 12 who is a size 8 in men’s shoes sharing his shoes with the Miss 9 and her friends #epicfailsix

So as this Sunday afternoon comes to an end I’ve realised that this week that I’ve consumed Beer (thanks to a great long term friend), Red Wine which is a given with another great friend who has also brought Rum into my life that maybe just maybe throughout the week if it had been Champagne o’clock then my epic fails as a mum would never have happened ….. But you know what it is champagne o’clock now ….


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