Hello Tipsy Tuesday …


Well hello tipsy Tuesday and hello to back to school for my somewhat hormonal butter definitely melts in their mouth children …. I think that today after school drop off this morning I wasn’t the only parent making my way to the bottle shop at 9 am … #doesnteveryonehavechampagneforbreakfast …

So last term of school and Mr 12 was over the moon to not have to put on a tie this morning while Miss 10 was more obsessed with ensuring her Jojo bow was perfect …. #creatingafashionista … but as I packed the mundane lunches with a very large skim latte (only because 6 am isn’t a good time to open a bottle of champagne unless I’m still drinking from the night before #tooldforthat) I wondered how I survived the last two weeks of school holidays …

So this year was my first time camping with my two on my own #nomotheroftheyearawardshere … this is where I need to insert a small confession that maybe my idea of camping and the average person’s idea of camping might be a slight variation ….. ok ok so maybe I didn’t do it that rough I mean I have to take the bar fridge with me to keep our champagne cold and of course the coffee machine doesn’t everyone #oksoitwasglamping ….

So even though we had electricity and working showers and toilets and a fridge full of beer and champagne that’s as glamourise as it got for my week of school holiday camping … the four digit code to enter the community bathrooms and showers has now been engraved into my brain until I die … #9631 …. all I can say if you wanted to go to the toilet or have a shower in peace it was like I was a Mum of small children all over again … and boy was I happy to have packed my double pluggers aka thongs for those shower cubicles #germcentral #notineahere ….

I learnt earlier on in the week to have an early shower as the hot water and water pressure seems to subside to a trickle after the children of the park having all taken their showers after breakfast … but even trying to catch the early worm I had my beloved Ms 10 knock daily on my shower door asking some sort of question that involved me having to actually provide an answer … I was like seriously you don’t do this when we are at home ….. and the toilets and lack of toilet paper at 5 am in the morning … #seriouslyimawomanineedpaper there was one morning where I had to try three different toilets before the toilet paper god delivered …

Now something that I myself was shocked by during this week is the apparently when you camp you drink beer and not champagne all the time … so you could imagine my horror at knowing that I had to find a low carb beer that was acceptable without being to girlie … thankfully a good friend of mine and experienced beer drinker #over25yearsexperience introduced me to #Bighead a no carb beer that tasted great at lunch time and all the way up to champagne time …

And there was a reason why the parents would have a beer mid afternoon and continue till dark because it seemed the later in the day it got the louder and more energetic the children got …. Aren’t they met to be winding down did I miss that memo …. And it would seem my two usually have a bed time of 8 pm well that went of the window along with any chance that I might have of relaxing and enjoying a glass of champagne ….

But as I now pick up Ms 10 and Mr 12 from their first day back from holidays you can be reassured that this mum will be enjoying a well earned glass of champagne as it is tipsy Tuesday and that means it must be champagne oclock time ….

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