Welcome Back Ms M …


Its 2.30 am on a Sunday morning and after losing my 5 lives on Candy Crush on three different devices because seriously I need to get through level #2843 …. I’m still wide awake so what does one do … Blog of course #seriously …. So it has been a while I know since my last encounter with you all and oh boy a lot has happened …. So get comfortable as I bring you up to speed ….

I have been seeing a lot of Mr Qantas over the last few months and he has been keeping my 2A seat warm for me or was that the previous passenger #oops but on a good note and maybe because I have been over spending quality time in Western Australia I’ve been lucky enough to not have to endure the non-washing business travellers which I am so use to having to share my breathing air with when I head up north in QLD …. #soapisessential

But I do have a funny encounter which I am sure you will all have a giggle about … so recently after spending 4 weeks away for work I was so happy to be heading home to Mr 12 and Miss 10 and it not be a 48 hour stop over only … So I am sitting in the Qantas Club enjoying of course a glass of bubbles when I get informed that my 4 pm on a Friday afternoon flight home has been cancelled …. #areyoushittingme

As I walk up to the counter and I ask what is happening and I get told that if you are from Brisbane then you will be on the next flight so with that I am handed my lovely new boarding pass for now the 7.30 pm flight home …. So with my #goldenticket I head back to my seat and enjoy a few more glasses of bubbles before boarding …. As we are boarding I notice that the gentlemen #notsureaboutthat in 1A was very efficient in using colourful words as people walked pass him to get to their seats on the plane …. I just sat there thinking no way what have I done to deserve this on a Friday night flight home …. This flight should be about more bubbles no interruptions unless you are filling my glass back up again with bubbles … but instead the #dickhead in 1A wants to let us all know in Business class that he is fluent in not only English but Colourful English …. #seriouslysomepeople

So in go my earphones and the volume on my IPad is as far as it can go …. Lucky for us surrounding him he actually falls asleep as we are taking off and doesn’t resurface till we land #thereisagod …. Now this is the funny part the poor gentlemen sitting next to him is travelling Business class for the first time and when we land he mentioned to 1A that he definitely made his first time an experience he won’t forget in which 1A asked what do you mean ? We then inform him of his behaviour and he unfortunately doesn’t remember any of it as he had been drinking since lunch time …. The funny thing was he couldn’t get off that plane quick enough and as we all watched him walk quickly away from us at the airport I couldn’t help but laugh …. #runforrestrun

It amazes me watching some people when they board that plane how they react and what they expect … I really feel like the airlines should put the more experienced flyers at the front of the plane at all times and the go down each row based on your experience …. Now I say this because with each flight over to Perth I seem to have gotten the first timer and even though #yesimwatchingashow they will tap you on the shoulder and ask questions every 15 mins …. I had one first timer ask me do we get feed what is the food like …. #seriously it is food not a 5 star restaurant …. This same first timer then complained when he noticed that I had been given a different meal to everyone around us …. I had to politely inform him that I had previously updated my dietary requirements prior to flying …. #hellonospecialtreatmenthere

Perth was beautiful and I did enjoy the wonderful Hyatt Executive lounge again with my favourite people and no Mr 65 from last year wasn’t there this time around …. But I have been given a new title for work as the #upgradequeen as I seem to be able to get my work people upgraded to the executive level which is to my benefit really because nobody wants to be seen having a glass or two of bubbles on their own …. #whatareyoulookingat

It has been nice to be home with Mr 12 and Miss 10 over the last couple of weeks although I will be leaving them again on Monday to head up North for two weeks of work and the no soap workforce but have promised them when I head back again in June School Holidays that they can come up with me #browniepointsformum ….

As my Sunday starts to rear its head I better put a bottle of bubbles in the fridge to ensure that it will be cold enough for later this afternoon when it is Sunday Funday Champagne O’Clock time ….

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