Oh look it is Thirsty Thursday ….


So on this Thursday morning I’m still in my pj’s and it is 8 am and do you really think that I give a f#$k … of course not because it is bloody cold outside for Queensland standards and if I can keep on wearing my Kmart flannelette pj’s for a little longer then shit yes I am … but I am going to be productive today like most working mums and I’m going to do a few online training sessions in my flannelette pj’s while I put on a few loads of washing #yesyoureadthatright …. It could be worse I could be in my active wear pretending that I’m actually being active or have been active …. #dontwishforthat

This week I’m surprised I have made it this far with some of the shit that has gone down with not only work but being a mum to two teenagers #helpmenow … I actually feel sorry for my own mum if I was ever as moody as my two are with me #sorrymumifyouarereadingthis … the back chatting the attitude in the voice and the care factor that gives me a run for my money #ithoughtiwasthequeenatnotcaring …. Not to mention the whinging over what are we having for dinner tonight and the usual reply once I tell them ‘oh really I don’t feel like that can we do takeaway instead’ …. No we can’t and while we are on this topic do you really think I feel like cooking when I can just open a bottle of champagne and consume my daily calories that way #donttellmypt oops ….

It doesn’t even stop there we have towels that seem to just fall on the ground after they have been hung up I swear mum #not …. And how long does it take to have a shower I mean by the time my two have finished having their showers I feel like I could of filled up a kids blow up swimming pool … actually maybe I should and then inform them that from now on we are only take baths outside in the cold …. I’m thinking that would encourage them to have a quick bath lol …

So this week like most weeks there is usually something that is thrown at me at the last minute and this week Miss S didn’t miss a beat when she informs me on Wednesday morning at 6.30 am that has her French play and that she will need to bring into school with her not only ice cream but French fries as their play is set in a restaurant #helpmeknow … so like any mother I know that MacDonald’s does some sort of all day menu so I drive down in my pjs #yesdontjudgeme to go through the drive thru and order a large family fries for this French play …. Next stop was the local IGA to send Miss S in to collect her ice cream that she needed for this play …. Let me just say when I got home from this quick dash to collect the above mentioned I was hoping that my cold coffee had turned into a nice cold glass of champagne … unfortunately the champagne fairies must have been still asleep at 7 am #dontblamethem ….

I did have a slight win this week though with Mr R although it did involve a slight bribe to get my somewhat small back yard mowed … well mowed isn’t the correct word I would use on the small patch of weeds and prickles that try to pretend that they are grass … so after asking not once or twice or three times but on the fourth try and a little money incentive Mr R agreed to get out my electric whipper snipper and spend the greatest of 3 mins to eliminate the weeds and prickles from my back area … all for the grand cost of $5 dollars and some much needed time on his Nintendo switch #definitelyCEOmaterialinthemaking …. At this point in the week now I have to ask it must be Champagne O’Clock time on this thirsty Thursday …


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